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Medical technology - Disinfectant products

Previously, we mainly produced biocides and disinfectants with NNK licenses for many domestic market participants. Over the years, we have improved the products intended for users, and then in 2019 the management of Wet Wipe Kft. decided to raise the production of its disinfectant products to a higher standard and obtain the necessary CE certification due to the growing demands. In hospitals and health care facilities, the risk of the spread of infections is very high, but effective hand disinfection and regular surface disinfection can prevent the growth of microorganisms. Healthcare is one of the most important areas for microbiological hygiene, where disinfection is essential and a mandatory basic operation enshrined in a strict cleaning and disinfection protocol. However, it does not matter what disinfectant we use for what disinfection task. There are also several subgroups within the product group of health disinfectants, depending on the area in which the product has been authorized. A disinfectant product may be authorized as a biocidal product and as a medical device disinfectant, and may even be marketed in both categories under a different name. In August 2020, our company obtained the ISO13485 certification, which applies to medical devices and imaging diagnostic equipment (UH-head, RTG, MR, CT), thermometers, incubators for cleaning disinfection and wipes of medical devices II.a. class. 

We offer a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic disinfectants, according to the area of ​​application, with surface compatibility tests and various effect spectra. At the same time, we offer biocidal disinfectants and wipes made of them for product types PT1, PT2 and PT4 with a wide spectrum of effects and various active ingredients. In the field of human health, we have the opportunity to produce skin and hand disinfectants and surface disinfectants. These compositions have a NNK permit for the territory of Hungary. However, these disinfectants can be used not only in the medical sphere, but also in the food industry, occupational safety and health, and even in the wellness and sports industries. Wet Wipe created the product range of DWA (Disinfection Wipes Application) as its own brand, which enabled the production and distribution of biocidal and CE-certified liquids and wipes in various packaging. Shopping opportunities can be found at www.higicentrum.hu 

Detailed information about these product can find in our catalogs:

DWA 80 Plus Fast acting, alcoholic hand surface disinfectant products

DWA Safety Plus Hand and surface disinfectant products

DWA Instrument Fast acting alcohol  free instrument and surface disinfectant products

DWA Active Plus CHG Fast acting alcoholic instrument, hand and surface disinfectant products

DWA Active Fast acting alcoholic hand and surface disinfectant products

DWA CHG Plus Fast acting alcohol free instrument, hand and surface disinfectant products

DWA Detergent Fast acting alcohol free instrument and surface disinfectant products

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