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P R I V A T E  L A B E L  P R O G R A M

Our powerful and flexible wet wipe machines are able to respond to almost all customer requests in the private label area. We can offer and develop different folds and formats for practically every area of ​​application. Based on this experience, we are also your partner for new, innovative cloth and packaging concepts.

Our  liquid recipes are very important to us in-house. Only quality counts here, which is why all formulas are  skin-friendly.Our R&D team with countious market research always up-to-date. We provide comprehensive assistance to improve the best product you need.



Excellent quality

Our products mean high quality. Following the principles of GMP, our products go through a strict inspection process during production.

Wide productrange

From baby care wipes to cosmetics and household products to CE-certified medical disinfectants and wipes, we have almost the entire range of disinfectants and wet wipes on offer.

Continuous innovations taking into account market needs

Our product development team works on continuous innovations taking into account market changes. By performing various tests, they ensure that the products placed on the market fully meet their function.


In many cases, we work with standard price lists in order to provide the fastest possible service. Thanks to our extensive partner network, we strive to minimize the time it takes to purchase packaging materials and cloths. We will present the finished product within 4-6 weeks of accepting the graphic material.


Our colleagues are at your disposal for any questions you may have. They have up-to-date information, product data, poduction plan and documentation.


Do not hesitate to ask and let your imagination fly. Our collegues help you to create the product that match to your profile and represent your company 's value.

A wide range of our disinfection, industrial and personal hygiene solutions help to develope your business

Our medical technology products are professional solutions for healthcare, occupational safety, or even both in the field of personal hygiene. Professional solutions to meet many special needs. These include, but are not limited to, hands, disinfection of skin surfaces, medical devices and various surfaces.

Our personal hygiene products  are real helpers in everyday life. Using them, you can easily and quickly remove any dirt from your skin and even the most smudged lurking in a matter of seconds. Our cosmetic make-up removal products cleanse, nourish and hydrate the skin according to the needs of the modern age. Our wet toilet cloths create hygienic cleanliness and 100% biodegradable. Thanks to the small size of refreshing antibacterial wipes, it can even be a practical travel companion.

Our household cleaning products are very practical and can very easily be a favorite of housewives due to its simplicity, speed and very efficient use. Car care products With our car care products, clean your car anytime, anywhere without the use of water. A large, pre-moistened wipe removes dirt, dust, stains and more….
Effectively cleans all interior car surfaces, great for cleaning the entire car or making repairs.

We can provide a wide range of wipes for industrial puposes. From food use to heavy industrial use we have solutions for various fields. Beside the different types of cloth we have proven liquid formulas as well.


Improve you product range! – Be our partner!

We not only offer excellent products, but also specialized technical expertise in sanitizers and on different wet wipe solutions. Wet Wipe Kft. is a reliable partner with great expertise. From the challenges together we can create opportunities and further develop our businesses together.

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