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Our philosophy is making people’s everyday life easier, practicle and comfortable with our products.

Our modern, PC-controlled, automatic machine lines allow us to produce high-quality wet wipes. Basically there are 3 types – in canister, reclosable, single sachet format.

  • Our interleaving manufacturer mainly produces baby care, cosmetics, refreshing, intimate hygiene and household wipes. This machine allow manufacturing from 5 sheets to up to 100 sheets of product where the sheets are stapled, which technology allows each sheet to be easily pulled out of the bag.
  • For machines with a single sachet product, the length of the cloth is 11 cm – 23 cm and the width is 13 cm to 22 cm depending on the type of raw material.
  • Our canister machine line can be manufactured from the dry coil to the finished boxed product where the impregnated cloth is placed in a box and then welded with foil. We can also use caps and different labels according to customer requirements.

Box types: oval, circle, which can be selected with different heights and diameters.

  • With our cross-folding machine line we produce smaller, cross-folded products.

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