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Our philosophy is making people’s everyday life easier, practicle and comfortable with our products.

Two of the most important elements of wet wipes are raw material, the woven fabric and the impregnating agent.

Among our scar tissue we have small and high liquid retention trays. In addition:

  • Traditional wiping cloths
  • Thin and thick knit fabrics
  • Smooth and patterned (honeycomb texture) cloth tissues
  • Paper-based cloths for optical cleaning wipes
  • 100% biodegradable garbage tissues
  • Towel towels on the toilet
  • Tinted tissue cloths containing polishing particles
  • Special high-absorbent wipes
Plant extracts and active ingredients

Plant extracts and active ingredients

Our botanicals palette has been built around the targeted cosmetic functions. Whether it is hydration, emollient, skin-rejuvenating, reducing irritation, we can recommend at least one well-behaved herbal extract to each function. Our continuously available herbal extracts include Aloe Vera, Marigold and Kamilla extracts, most commonly, but we also recommend our complex extracts with a specially -7 types of herbs, especially for intimate and makeup remedies.

At the same time, it is important to mention that plant-derived vitamins, panthenol, allantoin, and other functional aids are in stock so that our partners can conquer the planned market segment with the most customized recipe.

Hypoallergenic cosmetic fragrances

Hypoallergenic cosmetic fragrances

Proper selection of fragrances can have a very high added value to the finished product. It is not only delivers a pleasant feeling during use, it is also complements the main cosmetic function and makes the product unique. In making our cosmetic fragrance range, we carefully take care that every smell is hypoallergenic and that sensitive skin users can safely use our products without the risk of skin irritation.

Partners surely can choose forom our creamy, perfumed, fruity and flower fragrance, but if they want their own perfume we can also happy to help you.

Classic herbal fragrances

Classic herbal fragrances

Development and testing of household chemical products is a special area. After accessing the primary cleaning, grease and dust removal functions, it is at least as important for the buyer to feel that they have been cleaned their house. That is why it is very important that the scent of household products should be just as well intensive and well-chosen as compared to that particular cleaning area. That’s why our fragrance park uses all the classic plant-based essential oils that the user experiences during household cleaning operations, and even so much more.

If needed, we can also help with aroma counseling.

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