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Baby care

The baby wipes produced by Wet Wipe Ltd. contain antiallergenic ingredients to gently clean and soften the baby’s sensitive skin. We apply the gifts of nature – e.g. aloe vera, chamomille, calendula, almond oil - to make hypoallergenic and pH-neutral products, paying respect to the needs of newborn babies. The kids moist tissue with frisky or fruity parfume is specially approved for young children for using after potty or toilet, so it is ideal for toilet training. Moreover you can use it all over the child’s body.


According to the continuously growing requirements of our age we offer solutions for every field of cosmetics. Our face cleaning and make-up remover wipes contain herb extracts and recommended for all skin types. Refreshing wipes with UV-filter let a complete feeling of freshness for every day. One of our revolutionary new products is the self tanning wipe making the skin suntanned while eliminating the harmful rays of the sun.

Personal hygiene

Intimate wipes tenderly clean the intimate and sensitive area protecting its natural pH. Toilet wipes offer the feeling of complete comfort to their users thanks to vitamin E, panthenol, calendula and chamomile contents.

Skin and surface disinfection

Hand and surface cleaning wipes with alcohol are significant products among impregnated wipes. They are compatible with all liquid soap used for hand-wash. They do not contain any fragrance-oil, colour agents or substances with long-lasting effect. Thanks to the unique ingredients with treating features, the wipes not just perfectly clean and quickly disinfect hands but also prevent the skin from drying. They can be used in all fields where the hygiene of the hands or surfaces and preventing spreading of pathogens are very important.

Household hygiene

One of the achievements of our age are household wipes that provide useful help in our everyday life in cleaning our home easily and hygienically. With the help of shoe cleaning wipes shoes can be cleaned and shined in one step. Optical cleaning wipes are recommended for glasses, optical lens and equipments, monitors, mirrors, windows and driving mirrors. Thanks to the special components they dry fast and without blur and also block steaming of glass surfaces. Pro painter and worker towels are ideal for removing paint drops and oily or greasy contaminations at home, workplaces, manufactury works or garages. Monitor cleaning wipes are the best choice for cleaning plastic surfaces like PCs, TV sets, monitors, keyboards and other home or office equipments. Some other ideas to create: floor cleaner, fridge deo, metal and inox cleaner, window cleaner, furniture cleaner wet wipes.


Pet wipes were approved especially for cleaning our favourite animals (cats, dogs and other hobby animals) easily. Udder cleaning wipes reduce the possibility of a germ transmission from one cow to the other, thus minimize the risk of an udder infection (mastitis) and ensure the health of the udder. They make possible to dose the disinfectant economically and dry the udder perfectly.


Anti-mosquito wipes achieve their repellent effect by volatile oils (citronella oil, melissa officinalis, mentha piperita), do not contain synthetic agents and chemicals, so can be used for children from 6 month old. Improved version of this wipe is the anti-mosquito and anti-tick wipe containing Merck’s IR3535® and volatile oils.

Car care

Dry and wet tissues developed for car care facilitate everyday work of automotive industry workers and car admirers. With the help of our products you can make any car beautiful in and out.


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