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Why moist tissues?
Moist tissues make people’s everyday life easier, more comfortable and practicle to save time, money and energy.
Advantages of wet wipes
- long shelf life
- practical packaging
- many fields of use
- hygienic usage
- customized design, unique apperiance
- promotional opportunity for friendly prices
Why Wet Wipe Ltd. for private label wipes?
Because Wet Wipe Ltd. offers flexible co-operation, up-to-date technology, persistent innovation, pharmaceutical quality, natural herb ingredients, hypoallergenic contents with its many years of manufacturing experience.
Expansion of product range
Our company offers customized solutions to expand and amend your product range with a new idea.
Which packaging format to chose?
Considering the sheet number, usage and other practical factors we help you to find the best solution for you either personally or by telephone. Please contact us.
Using fields of the individually packed wipes
- On fairs, exhibitions, conferences (e.g. in the conference bag), company presentations and product shows for promoting your company or your product(s) by giving a useful present (e.g. hand cleaning, face cleaning, baby, pet cleaning, optical, glass cleaning … wipe) to the prospective customers and business partners.
- For the visitors of open air programs like festivals or road shows, together with the ticket (e.g. refreshing, intimate, moist toilet, anti-mosquito wipe)
- For any outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, boating, cycling or touring (e.g. anti-tick, anti-mosquito, UV-filtered, moist toilet wipe)
- In hotels, restaurants and cafes as a useful present for the guests (e.g. hand cleaning, moist toilet, shoe cleaning wipe)
- Packed together with some product(s) or sticked in newspapers on promotional campaigns to help selling the product (e.g. self-tanning, intimate, make-up remover, pet cleaning, optical, inox cleaning wipe)
- For the employees of any workplaces (hand cleaning wipe e.g. for bank officers, customer services, truck drivers, erecting shops, manufacturer plants etc.)
- In hospitals, surgeries and at dentists for either the patients or the staff (e.g. refreshing, skin or surface disinfecting, pre-injection cleaning wipe)
Besides these there is a really wide range of fields you can apply them. Product types
Any inquiries?
Keep in touch with our contact persons regarding any inquiries. Our well trained colleagues are ready to help you to find the moist suitable product according to the market requirements and your concept.