Softy Disinfectant, the professional hygienic wipe
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Private Label

Our main profile is producing impregnation lotion, dry and impregnated wipes, converting, rewinding and impregnating nonwoven textiles for cosmetical, medical, industrial and agricultural use.

Developing our processing technology makes us possible to produce private label products for any commercial and manufacturer company. Moreover we obtained deep experience in producing promotional products.

The high technology and professionality represented by Wet Wipe Ltd. and its multinational supplier chain, together with ISO 9001 quality control system, ensure that the quality, purity and safety of our products can meet the highest requirements of the customers.

Modern, PC controlled, automatic machine lines make us possible to produce wet wipes in pharmaceutical quality. All of our products are microbiologically tested and approved. Product development and mixing of lotions are supervised by a chemist in our own laboratory.

Professional guarantee

Wet Wipe Ltd. highly adapts to the customers’ needs so that implement all ideas.

Take a chance! We create your customized concept.