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Baby care

From the first days...

A baby’s skin is specially sensitive, so our products have to fulfill the following requirements:

Our baby products represent high quality products providing hygienic, fresh and clean feeling to the babies thanks to their herb content. They protect the baby’s skin and help to defend its health and beauty. Beside cleaning the botty they are suitable for the face and hands as well.

Calendula and chamomile extract: treat inflammation, wounds and rashes, help skin reproduction, antibiotic
Aloe vera: cures wounds, inflammation and pain
Almond oil: calms and softens skin, eases itching and inflammation
Vitamin E: antioxidant, helps prevent skin and build cells, improves skins’s softness and elasticity
Panthenol: accelerates metabolic process, in case of damage refits skin, helps healing wounds and infection

While developing our products we maximally took into consideration all the needs of babies and mothers in producing antiallergenic, pH-neutral, alcohol and colour free goods under continuous quality control.

Silky Baby products’ quality was declared as excellent in terms of pediatrics and dermatology after testing them in maternity wards.



Silky Kids toilet wipes for children

The skincare Silky Kids wet toilet wipe with its fruity parfume was specially approved for young children for using after potty or toilet. It is ideal for toilet training. The characters and friendly diagrams show the child how to use the wipe correctly. Take it with you to the playground, school and outside activities.


For the healthy future of our children.